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Why use the Trade Bull Indicators?

We are the #1 vendor pioneering revolutionary trading tools. Trusted by over 26,000+ traders in India.

The Bahubali Signal will give you a Buy Signal.

The Katappa Signal will give you a Sell Signal.

The Power of Line will give you Trend of the Market in Short Time Frame.

The Power of Dots will give you Trend of the Market in Long Time Frame.

The Brahmastra will give you a Strong Buy Signal.

The Pushpa Signal will give you a Strong Sell Signal.

The Trade Bull Momentum Indicator will tell you about the Volatility of the Market.

The Master Class Program

Why choose the Master Class Program?

Trading without logic results in losses. 99.99% Traders lose money because of no knowledge about Trading and without any strategies. In this program, we will mentor you about How to trade and minimize your losses.

1 Hour and 30 Mins (1:30 Hours) Daily Mentorship Live Class after Market on Google Meet (Mon-Sat 3:40 PM onwards).

Features of the Master Class Program

Our All Premium Indicators (Baahubali, Katappa, Brahmastra, Pushpa, Power of Line, Power of Dots, Momentum Indicator, Powerful ADX)

Premium Stock Signals

Premium Commodity Signals

Premium Index Strategies

Understand the Concept of Support & Resistance

Trading Psychology

How to place Stop Loss and Targets?

Breakouts, Reversals, Retests

Identification of Candlestick Patterns

Concept of DOW Theory

Strike Price Selection

Option Chain Analysis

How to maintain Risk & Reward Ratio ?

How to Trail Stop Loss and Maximize Profit?

and even more than that!

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  • Brahmastra Signal
  • Pushpa Signal
  • Baahubali Signal
  • Kattappa Signal
  • Power of Dots
  • Power of Lines
  • Momentum Indicator
  • Basic Videos on Indicators
  • Marathon Sessions in 1 Month

The Trade Bull (Official) helps people learn various trading skills and covers all strategies to become thriving traders. Trade with Price Action Trading and make Trend your friend.

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